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A) Top 50 Checklist B) Feeling Bad - Try a Casino C) Try a Little Bottle.

I'm packing up for Vegas.

The list that never ends!

Here are some common things to take, and if you forget something, there is a 24 hour drug-store on the strip with many of these items. I have included some of the things I bring, or have brought to different events.

You'll find what some of my friends and other colleagues have taken along to the NAB in years past. This list is in no way complete.

This list took on a life of its own and I had to call it quits at 50. (Just In - Bonus 5 tips added to the end) Thanks to all!

A) Checklist

1) batteries,
2) NAB credentials, plane tickets, car insurance info for rentals
3) ac adapter, extension cord, surge protector, travel conversion gear
4) computer cord, computer, adapters
5) Blank CD-Rom or DVD
6) USB Mini-Drive, USB Flash Drive
7) head phones
8) mini-med pack as you need
a) aspirin
b) allergy medicine
c) pepto-bismal,
d) airborne or vitamins
and many other items...
9) business cards
10) glasses, contacts
11) neon blue gel insoles (they really work)
12) mints
13) packs of cheese crackers, fruit bars, instant coffee, nuts, etc...
14) Emergen-c or vitamins
15) prescription medicines
16) band-aids
17) blister pads for shoes
18) Passwords to Websites, Software, other
19) Frequent Flier and Hotel Guest Club Numbers/Cards
20) cell phone, cord, batteries - sometimes backup sync disk.
21) map of convention center if a magazine sent one out in advance.
22) Your House Key
23) Red Safety Ribbon to tie on my bags (I already have the bright red ribbon on mine so I can find them, or I've marked bags with the wash off retail window markers to find them. Try a bumper sticker - you can always take it off later. Use TSA approved locks or they will let them off your luggage.
24) ID/Passport (leave a photocopy at home, or scan it and leave it in your email box.)
25) Wi-Fi Adapters, Wireless gear
26) Mini Tool Knife (some bring leatherman or other kits), flashlight
27) invitations to parties
28) Biz Items to Print Out to Take
29) Contact Phone List
30) bottled water (or buy it there) Avoid hotel mini-bars, go to the drug-store or grocery store to save.
31) sunscreen
32) hand sanitizer
33) back-up disks
34) magnifying glass
35) can-opener or bottle opener
36)) electric hot water cup
37) back-brace, sun cap, golf hat
38) Hotel/Phone/Address
39) bring a whistle, don't jog without one.
40) emergency alarm, laptop chain lock, alarm clock, ipod, radio
41) empty plastic bags
42) extra suitcase, shipping labels and forms
43) blank notecards, book, travel guide
44) sharpie, post-it notes, notepad
45) laundry/dirty clothes bag, detergent, febreeze, spray on cleaner,
46) golf clubs, shoes, gear, rec equip.
47) work out shorts/shirt/shoes,
48) this is not to take, but a place your team or group would meet in an emergency
49) travel checks
50) shuttle, car, reservation number, company name, phone
51) Sense of Humor, Patience

The list could go on and on depending on what you need. Some hotels offer free or sell different amenities: shampoo, comb, razor, toothbrush, hairspray, needle, thread and other small items. Ask the front desk.

When you're here with 110,000 other media colleagues, the odds are you or someone you may know might start feeling a little bad, whether it's caused by a great late night party or a friendly conversation in a booth, an accident, or an illness.

What do you do?


If you're having a heart attack, a casino is a great place to go if you are close. Call 911 immediately. Trained personnel and equipment are at every casino, and the success rate is superb. Guards have saved 2000 people with defibrillators in three years. The guards response rates often beat the paramedics and get to you in less than two minutes. For other emergencies, the Clark County Paramedic Team (call 911) have seen almost everything and are trained to handle almost anything. Be careful of the golf course, hot, dry, secluded, bring a cell phone, or play with someone. If in Red Rock hiking, tell the park ranger where you will be and ask if your cell phone will work. Ask the hotel about 24 hour medical clinics.


2008 Hot Trend - Take a little bottle with you to the show. Take a close look around the exhibit booths, there's a good chance you'll spot little bottles everywhere. They'll be hidden behind a monitor, tucked inside a reception desk, behind a display, slipped into a pocket, briefcase or purse.

Hand sanitizers are now trendy. You are no longer considered creepy or impolite if you use them. These days - it's almost like offering someone a mint. Would you like a little hand sanitizer? If you try to dodge a handshake, it is often taken as offensive. But - If you have a cold, tell the person who has their hand out that you don't want to get them sick, and they will appreciate it.

Where to get Hand Sanitizer? Any casino door man can tell the taxi driver to take you to a drug store if you're in need of a little bottle. They fit in a briefcase or purse, cost a couple of dollars. Your hotel gift shop may carry them too. You can also ask for a squirt if you see one in a booth. Most are more than happy to share.

There's a 24 hour drug store on the strip that just about sells everything, fuzzy dice, fruit, medications, bug spray, sun-tan location, water, snacks, band-aids, foot blister pads, shoe insoles and those other convention essentials. They also sell sandals, socks, shorts,and other oddities. Of course, you can find playing cards, dice, chips and souvenirs.

There's also a couple of 24 hour emergency clinics. I've tried one when I had a severe sinus infection, fever and couldn't' sleep for two nights. Expect to wait a few hours to four or five or more. It just depends. They can't give you most medicine there,so it's a nother taxi to the drug store.

These just in...

1. Don't pack your medications in checked bags. Carry on only

2. Wear a watch. In Las Vegas, it's easy to lose track of time with no clocks on building or in the hotels. It's easy to burn in the sun (bring sun-tan lotion) or forget medication times, food, and sleep.

3.Again - Drink Water All the Time. The desert climate, the plane ride, a hot conference room cause dehydration and people in emergency rooms daily.

4. Have a copy of your passport, driver's license blood type, medications, allergies, medical problems, next of kin or emergency contact.

5 Watch your wallet, use the safe in your room, don't answer the door without knowing who it is or ask for an ID if you are unsure. Walk with someone on dark streets.

6 Conserve energy and gas, share a taxi with a fellow attendee. Ask the person in front of you or behind you in the taxi line if they are off to the same destination.

Have fun, usually nothing happens, but it's nice to be able to tell someone else where to go if they need help, or give them a few helpful tips.

Now, back to the business of digital media!


(I think I've forgotten something.)

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