Sunday, April 13, 2008

Plans for Monday 14April

I is a good thing this blog has a back door.  Yesterday I had no problem posting from IE from my MAC.  Today Google must be angry at Apple and says I can not post unless I allow cookies (I do but they don't acknowledge that).  However, they do support my posting via a back door if I send a regular email to a special address so here we go.

The long ride from Boston is now behind me and I need to get serious about planning my Monday.  With so many educational events of interest I don't expect to get to the show floor on Monday.  I have breakfast meeting with a client and then off to the 9:00am State of the Industry Address.  It is a good thing I my body clock is homed to Boston so it will be an easy up and out.  These opening sessions are often a mixed bag of welcome-welcome again- and still more welcome; however, I find the topics mentioned make visible the key issues and priority in the year ahead and I find them worthwhile.  I will be really surprised if less than half of the discussion is about the DTV transition.

The DTV transition is an important topic of interest to me so my first meaty session on my calendar is the 10:30am DTV reception issues session of The BEC.  Just a few days before leaving for Vegas, I got my NTIA converter box coupons in the mail and headed off to Radio Shack to pick up two boxes.  I expect my experience is not atypical-- the TV in the spare bedroom is not hooked to cable but gets good off-the-air pickup with the monopole antenna build into the TV.  When an external rabbit ear antenna is hooked to the converter box, I get acceptable off-the-air reception on the V's but an un-watchable in and out program on all the U's.  I would hate to be in congress when the bulk of the public discovers they need an outside antenna or a shift to cable/DBS to continue watching TV.

Next I plan to attend the 1pm Cool Gadgets-Hot Content session followed by the 2:30pm Digital Innovation Session.

I expect to end the day attending the A-VSB press conference on mobile TV and if lucky will get a seat on the tour bus to watch TV and we drive through Vegas.

Planning my day for Tuesday should be easy.  I am speaking at an NAB partner event Tuesday morning ( ).  This event is called the Creative Storage Conference and details of the agenda are at .  I am speaking in the morning starting at 8:15 at a session called "Storage in Content Capture and Creation" (Las Vegas Convention Center N119).  If you are interested in my topic see the abstract at Lipoff.pdf .  My subject area is the possible impact on storage requirements in next gen ENG and Digital Cinema cameras resulting from supporting image enhancing post production techniques.  I will be showing a variety of before and after photos to demonstrate the value of this post processing.

Time to rest up-- the good thing about the time zone change is it is easy to get up in morning.  The bad thing is my body clock says it is 1:30am.  Nite-Nite.


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