Wednesday, April 16, 2008

MTV on the Exhibit Hall Floor

Hot Topic at the show?

Video transcoding - - -that's hardware and software that converts source video from any platform to another platform or standard.

Those of us in Digital Media have to send more and more live and on-demand video to a number of locations, the Net, mobile phone, satellite and more.

When MTV wants to covert their digital video, whether that's over the air, video to the Internet, mobile, satellite or to plain old cable, they were explaining how they do that. Stewart Frey, MTV Networks - VP of Applications was showing how it's done with Media Excel, an exhibitor over at C2951. They’re using Media Excel to do this on a global basis.

Stewart Frey is on microphone, and James Meeker from Media Excel is standing next to him.
We'll be watching.
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Peggy Miles

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