Sunday, April 13, 2008

Here we GO! NAB 2008 NAB Preview Webinar Up Now - Chris Brown of NAB.

Fabulous! My luggage came in quickly at the airport.

A woman I met in the hotel shuttle Anna Jung with Santa Fe Digital left her coat and I have it. We'll see if this viral network works and someone tells her. The workshops she's checking out are oriented toward high-end production for digital cinema.

Flip Through This - It' now available on the Net on-demand!

Here's the scoop. If you're reading this prior to picking up your badge and you're looking at the agenda, your eyes may start glazing over. (financial services - own a few companies dataworld, spectrarep, do emergency alerts, etc.) did a "NAB - What to Look Out For" webinar for their clients. On it - Chris Brown of NAB who is the man that puts together an enormous amount of the show gives you a number of ideas where you might want to focus your attention.

BIA has the great Rick Ducey (smiles), who was SVP of the NAB Technology, so he put this together with Mike Hackmer. Rick's now a senior executive at BIA, and one of the guys who listened intently back in 1994/95 when I was saying this Internet thing for broadcast could really take off! He also did the foreword while at NAB for my NAB books Internet Age Broadcaster I and II, and one of these days I have to do number III!.

He's moderating a SuperSession on gadgets tomorrow so look out for that. It's after my Supersession on social networking panel with Sun Microsystems John Gage. If he reads this, I bet he sends me the details to post for you.

Oh, I'm also on the following webinar talking about the NAB and what to check out here. My perspective is on the new media, interactive, internet side. We all have slides that point out NAB happenings.

I can't forget another guru. Ending up the webinar is "the" Gary Arlen - pundit that has been around interactive for a few years, and most internet interactive folks have seen him or know his name. He goes back way back when. I believe it was called the teletext multimedia association when we just started looking at how to move something besides our voices over wires.

Here is the URL:

If you're dashing here and there to get a hundred things done, and see me, wave today! I'll be a lot better after the Social networking Supersession and have a minute to talk.
See you on the Net (or at the show!)


If you don't know me, Hello. You can ping my name on Google and the NAB website has information if you key in my name. If you love interactive, internet, new media, audio and video on any device, that's my love too, and l would love to say hello.

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