Saturday, April 12, 2008

Matrox Booth SL320

Shane Ross of Little Frog in High Def blogging fame will be working at the Matrox booth this year. Stop by and let him know you saw him featured on the NAB Show Blog. For those of you who aren't familiar with Matrox and it's products, check out their website here. I own a Matrox MXO and it is an unbelievably awesome device. From the Matrox website:
Matrox MXO is ideal for:

Inexpensive HD monitoring
Frame-accurate, broadcast-quality HD/SD output
Genlockable HD/SD scan conversion for flicker-free
video output of your computer desktop

Essentially, the MXO has the ability to convert a consumer computer monitor with 1900x1200 resolution into a color accurate broadcast grading monitor. So combine the MXO with a 23" Apple Cinema Display or a Dell 2408WFP...


...and *presto* you just saved a couple thousand bucks. And we haven't even discussed the MXO's capture features. But that's okay, just stop by the booth and ask Shane to tell you all about it.

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