Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tangent Devices: The Wave

Shout out to Stu Maschwitz of ProLost fame for the update!

For you Color users out there hoping for an entry level control panel (like me), it's Christmas in April. According to Stu's Twitter posting as of 19min ago:

Tangent Devices Wave is the $1,600 Color control surface. Looks utilitarian, but good bet for folks making Color their workhorse.

Utilitarian is fine with me, I just want the chance to dial in lift, gamma, and gain all at the same time. Heck, I was ready to settle for a competent Wii-mote hack.

From Tangent's website:

Affordable technology

With the Wave we bring a new level of affordability and quality to control surfaces. The design draws heavily on the experience gained from our highly successful CP100 and CP200 panel ranges. The Wave is not intended to replace these panels, it is just aimed at the more budget conscious user.

Superbly designed

Stylish enough to look good in any grading suite and compact enough to be used for on-set grading, you'll find all the controls you'd expect from a colour grading panel without compromising on the essential ergonomics. The wave features crisp, easy to read, cool-blue OLED displays and custom trackerball units based on a non-contacting optical pickup. With enough buttons and knobs to keep your most needed controls at your fingertips, the Wave will increase your productivity, leaving you to get on with what you're best at doing - being creative!

Translation: affordable = accessible to young people striving to be colorists and got a paper route to save up for that shiny new Wave. Thank you Tangent, thank you!

According to their website, you can see the Wave in action at the following booths:

MaxVision Corporation Booth SL10605

Speedsix Software Booth SL122

And for the record, my NAB 2008 New Gig Rig is:

MacBook Pro 17" HQ

Final Cut Studio 2

Matrox MXO 2

Dell 2408WFP

Tangent Wave

RED Scarlet

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