Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Digital Signage & Broadcasters? Where's the Money?

Jimmy Schaeffler, Chairman & CSO of the Carmel Group has a new book on digital signage at the NAB store. I wondered where does digital signage fit into this new media world. Where's the money for broadcasters? He's live on stage for the NAB SuperSession titled Digital Signage: A New Model for broadcasters in S222 right now.

Jimmy said, "Digital signage is another key area that offers opportunities for local broadcasters. Because this business group has the local ad connections, the local production equipment and facilities, the local content, and the local connections, its members are an ideal force to drive the future of local communications via digital signage."

The NAB super session titled Digital Signage: A New Model For Broadcasters, goes on until noon, in conference room S222, moderator Jimmy Schaeffler will engage CBSOuterNet’s Virginia Cargill, Microspace’s Joe Amor, ClearCHannel Outdoor’s Michael Hudes, and Jeff Curtis from Helius/HughesNEt, as well as digital signage writer and consultant, Lyle Bunn. Schaeffler, chairman & CSO of The Carmel Group, has just authored an NAB/Focal Press bestseller, called Digital Signage – Software, Networks, Advertising and Display: A Primer for Understanding the Business.

I'll be listening to see if these experts can give us a roadmap. Where do you start, how do you engage, who do you work with, and what are the projected profits by entering this business.

I suspect that we don't have the answers for all these questions, but see what I can find out.

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