Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ready, Set, Just About to Go

My boarding pass is in hand for my 7am Sunday flight from BOS to LAS. First class is sold out so no upgrades but will probably sleep most of the way out. I usually fly to Vegas on JetBlue but US Air has the only morning flights and I will miss the JetBlue extra room, friendly crew, and DirecTV. Just in case I can't sleep, I will bring a portable DVD player some discs I will burn tonite from my Replay DVR (I love the automatic commercial free feature that edits out the commercials-- sorry TiVO). Was able to switch my Hotel today from Hilton Grand Vacation Club on the strip to the HGVC at the Flamingo-- it had been sold out until Saturday. This is my favorite accomodation in Vegas and we book it whenever in town for biz or fun. This location is on the back of Flamingo Hotel Garden right under the Monorail and makes access to the LVCC fast and painless. It has full charge privileges in the Flamingo as well as full hotel services in the building.

I have a speaking slot this year at The Creative Storage Conference (an NAB partner event) on Tuesday morning so will be spending Tuesday in all these sessions and blogging what I learn there. I still have to pick out the other sessions and events I plan to attend. So many choices-- so little time.

Well time to pack. I made my Sunday brunch reservation at The Ritz at Lake Las Vegas-- YUM!. We need to kill some time since we arrive a few hours before check in time.

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