Monday, April 14, 2008

Happening Now...John Gage and some of his favorite social networking websites, Josh Bernoff Forrester and the students from Baylor

I'm trying to post a couple of stories I have here on blogger. I had to take a bit of a break since one of our supersession panelists Josh Bernoff stopped by. I'm in the NAB Science and Technology Office and NAB Office.

Josh is on the panel I'm moderating at 3:30 - Social Networking SuperSession in Room 222.

He wrote the book Groundswell about Social Networking and he's the VP Principal Analyst for Forrester.

Josh is hungry. I am too. We ask where to go? Janet Elliott from the NAB was kind enough to invite us to share the staff buffet lodged against one wall of their inner logistics office.

We see a work table with students and one guy. The guy has his back to us. I'm excited. I bet these are the students who will be on our panel to talk about social networking.

The guy turns around. It's John Gage, Chief Researcher & Director of the Science Office - Sun Microsystems. He's the SuperSession keynote at 3:30 in Room 222 and joining us for the SuperSession panel.

John Marino from the NAB gets us today for a minute. He pulls us over to his laptop.

He types in Josh's name in a browser. He does mine too. Oh my have to see what he's going to show off at 3:30 pm. I can't wait to play with the website after the session.

Unfortunately, I can't post the URL(s) until after the SuperSession. I can give you a better watch out what's on the Internet about you!

Students and executives on a panel, now this is going to be a blast! John Gage was so excited showing us some of the new things out there!


Peggy Miles

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