Saturday, April 12, 2008

Axia University

I attended Axia University today with Axia Audio in a suite at the Hilton. Being that WOR Radio was one of the first large scale integrations of the Axia system, I didn't know what to expect, as I felt I would know most of the material.

The session was very informative on IP particulars, and I actually did learn a few things. Kirk Harnack put together an excellent presentation that got the point across - and while, of course, it was Axia specific and pushed the product, someone attending will come away with a bit of knowlege on how IP works.

Later, went to the Palm in Caesar's for dinner with Harris Corporation. Excellent restaurant - though pricy - but it was a good time.

Tomorrow, I have a Board of Directors meeting of SBE. Later in the day is the ENCO users get together. Should be a good time.

Oh. And there's a Ghirardelli Chocolate and ice cream shop on the pavillion between Harrah's and the Imperial Palace. So much for the diet - and here I was being good at the Palm, having a salad and broiled halibut!

Tom Ray
VP/Corporate Director of Engineering
Buckley Radio

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