Friday, April 11, 2008

RED Camera Booth SL3820

When I go to a car show I don't check out the daily drivers like Civics, Corrollas, Focuses or what have you. I go to see the supercars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Viper.

And while I think the Canon HV20 is still the best bang-for-the-buck High Def 24p camera money can buy, a supercamera, to coin a phrase, it is not.

The RED Camera is a supercamera.

If you don't know what the RED camera is, stop everything you are doing and click here. Right now. Seriously.

And I'm drooling over the announcement made by Jim Jannard at back on April 1st (an interesting date to make company announcements, to say the least):

There will be three new major things to see at the RED booth at NAB 2008. That does not include the new 18-85mm RED zoom or the RED Prime lens working prototypes.

Yes, Scarlet is one of them...

I'd encourage anyone that comes to NAB to stop by the booth. The 4K theater presentation will be easier to see this year (I think). The entry will be from the outside of the booth, which will allow much easier access to the main part of the tent.

If you were surprised at RED 2006 or RED 2007, you will not be disappointed with RED 2008.

See you there... I'll be the one that smells like cigar smoke.


"Everything in life changes... including our camera specs and delivery dates..."

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone with a bad attitude.

The RED Camera is poised to take Hollywood and the independent film making worlds by storm, offering an acquisition format with higher than film quality (a digital raster equivalent to super 35mm film) at a fraction of the cost. And throw in a completely tapeless work flow to boot. In English, this means it's awesome.

So just who's shooting with this camera, you ask? Check out this list of talent.

Resting your feet for a few and want to understand the RED Final Cut Pro workflow? Check out the video here.

Get there early kids because lines are going to be long. And totally worth it.

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